Anders Finn.

MonkeyBrains ISP - co-developed wireless and fiber optic network of residential and business grade services with speeds between 8mbps and 1gbps to clients. 10gb fiber and 350-1gbps wireless backbone mostly redundant through OSPF. Four Tier-1 provider uplink with approx 8000ip addresses.
TideTech - developing dynamic hydraulic model of San Francisco with a product goal resolution of 1 meter. Will overlay wind and tidal current predictions based on forecasting, bathymetry and tidal cycles.
VisibleThinking - Personal IT consulting company. Build networking for medium sized offices of tech companies in the bay such as CoinBase and Intercom.
Operations Director in wireless and fiber-optic ISP. Experience in developing partnerships, engineering network growth, support management, and developing partnerships. I have the experience to manage teams and develop projects from start to finish and the engineering experience in the office and field.